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There are some drivers who would rather get lost than stop by the side and ask others for directions. However, with the evolution and development of GPS navigation systems, one does not need to get lost nor stop to ask others for directions. Gone are those days when drivers had to refer to street directories or physical maps to look for directions from point A to B. With the advancements in technology and the inception of GPS navigation systems, drivers will be able to reach their destinations easily without much hassle and in the most time-efficient manner.


There are many types of GPS navigation systems in the market today, with each one containing different features. Popular models of these navigation systems are those made by Garmin and Magellan GPS. There is a GPS system designed to meet the varying needs of different customers. The common feature among all models of GPS navigation systems is that they all focus on providing users with detailed driving directions. The directions are typically given in the same manner and the extent of details that are provided depends primarily on the model of the GPS navigation system. For instance, the later models of GPS devices offer turn-by-turn directions while driving so that drivers are guided along throughout their journey at every step. A graphical display on the GPS devices will identify the driver as a little blip or a car icon which moves as the car moves. This way, drivers will always know their current location on the road and the distance remaining to reach their destination. Some models of GPS devices come with arrows to indicate the direction in which the car is headed and should be heading.


The later version of GPS navigation systems also come with voice control functions which allow users to send voice commands to the device. The devices are also voice-enabled and directions given will be verbal. Such voice functionality is beneficial because it eliminates or reduces the need for drivers to look at the GPS device while driving for directions. Instead, they will only need to hear the commands and follow accordingly. Even if drivers were to mistakenly make a wrong turn, the GPS device will automatically recalculate the new route based on current location of the driver. This way, even if drivers were to be on the wrong route, they will easily be able to trace their route back and reach their intended destination with minimum hassle.