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When you can do something good for free, you do not want to do this? Would not it be better to get the same functionality for certain products or software without paying for it? The obvious answer is yes, and it is particularly important when it comes to GPS fleet tracking software.

You can not handle, the fleet tracking software, GPS is far from cheap. Small businesses and large corporations are beginning to realize that the cost savings, the fleetStart Tracking carries a significant cost, but this usually pays for itself relatively quickly – within two minutes five years ago, according to the current state of fleet management.

What happens if you increase the time to “pay back” that the monitoring of the fleet? One way to do this is to go with the free open-source GPS fleet tracking.


Why pay recurring fees associated with this type of monitoring on behalf of the fleet will increase the speed with which theinitial investment will save on fuel costs and improve efficiency of staff remuneration.

Using Open Source Software GPS fleet tracking is something that companies of any size can do, but it is particularly useful for small businesses. For many small businesses do not require cash flow or capital of the great investment to make, vehicle tracking devices and services.


Open source software is free for companies and individuals,Use and improvement. Just know that the exchange will take some time tracking solution for this job because you need to get the knowledge of how it will work or need to do to be an employee. This exchange time for money is reasonable to do for some companies, particularly where capital is scarce, or have an employee who needs a smart new and challenging task.

Unfortunately, there are many widely available open sourceFleet tracking software packages on the market. Those are certainly paid competitive tracking software and do a great job of being on the Internet, the person who wants to explore this approach in order to improve their performance.


Going open source is not the best solution for any company or fleet, but it should be a consideration when monitoring of the fleet is on the table. Going this route will allow full control of your vehicle and monitoringprovide important information needed to make wise decisions on vehicle maintenance and performance is to make the employees.

The information is crucial in business, and open-source software, the GPS fleet tracking is a way to get to the point that the information for you and yours.