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_Is GPS Fleet Tracking Still Taboo To Employees?


From the beginning of time, nations have been spying on other nations. Spies have been stealing secrets from other countries and monitoring the whereabouts and operations of these countries. We all love reading a great spy thriller and watching a great spy movie yet we seem so shocked to see that its actually happening in real life. We know its happening yet it catches us by surprise. Do we really have any privacy anymore? If we know this is the case, then why is GPS Fleet Tracking still taboo to employees?

Crow Tracker is a GPS fleet tracking solution for small businesses looking for employee location tracking during their working hours. As we speak with more and more small businesses across the country its clear that they respect their employees but want to add an additional layer of checks and balances to ensure they are getting the most of each and every employee. Its not their intention to offend or scare employees yet the majority of employers understand its a sensitive subject. Our question is: Whats to hide and why are employees so concerned about GPS fleet tracking in general?


Many of the companies using GPS fleet tracking are small businesses with half a dozen crews in the field. They are service companies or driving services who are often re-routing different teams. Our GPS phone tracker gives them the ability to know where their people are in real time gives them the ability to save time and improve efficiency sending the closest team to the next available job. In addition to routing the appropriate crew, the office knows where each team is at any moment during the work day.

Much of the resistance to GPS fleet tracking comes from privacy concerns. Employees feel their privacy is being invaded. A field job should be thought of just as an office job is. Most employees are required to show up to work at 9 in the morning and stay until 5 or 6. The boss knows where they are because they are sitting in the office. If you job is on the road and you perform work off site, why isnt it a fair request for the boss to know where you are during your working hours. GPS fleet tracking gives that transparency to the boss allowing him to see where you are during your working hours.


Regardless of the benefits and reasons, we understand that people feel threatened. Its change and something new and with change comes fear. We understand that but hope to explain to employees why this transparency only makes for a better working relationship while also helping the company thrive. Employees dont want to waste time being sent to jobs on the other side of town or being routed to another job when they are still working on the current one. Information is power and with real time GPS fleet tracking, everyone is able to passively communicate their location helping the business operate smoother.