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_Enhance The Safety Of The Vehicle


Somewhere down the road, there was a time when the biggest nightmare of the car or vehicle owners comes live in the form of car theft and pirated use of their vehicle. There was a gradual increase in such cases with every passing day and has become a great concern for automobile industry across the world. They are flooded with the customer grievances centred to the safety and security of their vehicles. At the same time, the efforts of the automobile industry are guided towards an alternative that can enhance the safety of the vehicle along with an insight of vehicles whereabouts.

And the solution came in the form of GPS vehicle tracking devices. The concept of GPS (Global Positioning System) is based on the position of satellites and Time. The satellites continuously transmit current location and time of the vehicle. The location accuracy of a GPS device ranges somewhere between 3.5 to 5 meter, and results have a confidence level of 98%. The actual accuracy of the devices depends on the type of device, atmospheric condition, sky blockage and various outside factors. High degree of accuracy can be achieved by using GPS devices in combination with an augmentation system.

GPS fleet tracking system

GPS vehicle tracking devices are classified as active and passive tracking devices. The active tracking devices are designed to provide the real-time information of the vehicle to the owners and fleet managers. While passive tracking devices are used to store the data about the movement of the vehicle and can be used for analysis once the vehicle is back. With the technological advancement and surging customer expectation the GPS tracking device are now not confined just to provide safety against theft rather these devices are expected to provide more benefits than what was initially expected from them.

GPS vehicle tracking is of great use not only for the individuals but for business too. It has tremendously changed the face of logistic business. Running a transport business was not an easy task, but the use of GPS devices has made it a child’s play. It allowed the business owners to reduce their operating cost significantly and save their time that can be utilised to carry on other activities. Not only they can employ their manpower at fullest, but vehicle utilisation has also improved in a great way and allowed them to increase the number of trips.


The GPS tracking devices are induced with the intent to provide and improve the safety of vehicle and owner as well. But now they are looked up as industry standard due to the benefits they can provide. Whether it is fuel management or financial management, they are contributing significantly in each sphere, and their usage is inevitable. GPS tracking devices are playing a pivotal role towards safety of your loved one to the amusement of your customers. The technology has advanced still they are easy to use and can be personalised according to your needs and requirements.