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Buying more vehicles for expanding business also means employing more drivers to do the job. Most companies face the problem of unauthorized usage, excessive usage of vehicles by an expanding pool of drivers. The company manager has little time to check the log book and drivers simply have least motivation to register his usage on book.


Poorly maintained vehicle

Vehicles are poorly maintained and there are simply no accountability for vehicle usage. When management experiences poor visibility of its vehicle assets, its assets value depreciate more than normal. Vehicle maintenance cost is abnormally high and this is not helped by its poor resale value due to poor condition.

Most companies fail to consider that a good fleet management system helps to take care of its fleet assets by instilling discipline and accountability to the usage of its assets. Log books that are traditionally used for vehicle check-in/check out are no longer followed. There are ambiguity of the record and this method is no longer a serious effort if any company wants to “protect” its fleet from asset deterioration. So what can your company do?


Implementing a Driver Identification (ID) for vehicle usage

The concept is simple. Throw away your log book and automate the driver-vehicle relationship. Like a door access system, Coolasia Fleet Management System provides usage logging with GPS data on the drivers behind the wheels. Who drives which vehicle? What date/time and where and how did he drive? A systematic report could be generated to provide company management with insightful information about its drivers and its vehicles.

Using I-button as Driver ID.

Our client has a fleet of 50+ vehicles with over 70+ full-time and part-time drivers. Its vehicle fleets expand rapidly over the 5 years course and we recommend a Driver ID system to complement with its existing Fleet tracking system.

Each driver is assigned a ibutton tag that can be chained together with their personal key chain. It is not easy to lose your personal key chain! Every time driver wants to use the vehicle, he will tap onto the reader. His ID number will be sent to Coolasia Data centre for logging. Without the ibutton, the engine cannot be started, obliging drivers to tap onto the reader.

Vehicle usage report

Driver-Vehicle usage report

When a driver-ID is implemented on top of the Fleet Management System, the company is able to witness tighter control on the usage of the vehicle. As fleets becomes bigger, control becomes difficult.

Moving into a challenging 2012 year with global uncertainty, every company in Singapore/Malaysia could take this opportunity to better manage their company resources. Coolasia Fleet Manager is an affordable system for both MNC and Small-medium enterprise. Contact us today to start learning how to increase productivity and cut cost.